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Thursday, June 11, 2009
5:27 AM

Guess Wat. I have a new blog. Yes eventhough both farky and may yan didnt wanna co-blog with me due to the lack of confidence in my ability to maintain it. I still made a new one. So check it out yea~~

Will you ever notice me...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
4:47 PM

Black Black Heart - David Usher

Hey guys. My blog is revived!!! I'm actually writing this on a wednesday morning. WHat is happening to me!! I've been going msn everyday and almost 24/7. I think i'm turning into a msn freak. And why is that? Oh yesh. Now i rememeber its the presence of my baobei neh~~~~~~

Anyway, lets start from 3 months ago since I didnt update my blog. What's been happening? I guess not much apart from my frequent outings almost everyweek. Wow, I was a hermit. O.O now who say people don;t change?

Oh what again?~ AH~ How could i forget to mention this, I've been doing sports(aside from gym and swimming). Yesh that includes badminton and Basketball. Oh great, now i wanna play volleyball with farianne and farky. It was ages ago neh~

Oh I've been hanging out with some new friends thanks to lih en and baobei as well. Ginseng, Jenny,Turtle / Horsey, Mumbles(this nick is temporary), chinnu, edwin and Jason on the young side and LG on the old side. Yesh i purposely classify it so LG would turns up in my doorstep with a knife on my throat to threaten me to edit this post. MUAHAHAHAHHA

May yan left to malaysia which is kinda depressing. I didn't know what to do for a few days. Was lost I guess. Since she was always there when i needed an outing but now I'm not even sure if I could see her in the next 4 years. I mean when she went to KK, at least I'm here when she's back. But now, all of us are going different ways. Sigh. Oh well,Life's life right?! I miss her terribly now and I just had a MSN chat with her last night. It was very unusual since she's not a msn freak(i hope u knw what i mean) I prefer a face to face talk with her. I MISS U SO MUCH !!

Oh well. I'm still kinda blur now since i'm just awake. =P

P.S yesh, farky and baobei. I UPDATED!! congrates me yeah.

Will you ever notice me...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
3:46 AM

my fav song by my fav band. their second album!!!

Will you ever notice me...

Friday, December 19, 2008
1:39 AM

I'm back from KL!!!

watched twilight in Kl with my cousin and wow we love it. well, wat do you expect from girls?? We have our romance imagination.i mean there IS no vampire guys out there that can bring you to the top of the trees and saves you from a car crash. Ooops.. thats not romantic, that's AWESOME. Anyway,i would read the book and just like harry potter, i think i will read it to the last book.

Bought accuracy of death which i'm dying to watch since i... knew about its existence. Its a japan movie act by jing cheng wu. Yea, the hottest guy among chinese stars but that is not what made me wan to watch it. Its the story. The story about the death god.You the shinigami in death note. Well, the death god would appear in the victim's lives 7 days before he/she died. In these days, the death god would decide whether the victim would die or not. There's 3 stories in it and you MUST watch it to the last part. Its a rainy and slow moving movie but when you watched til the end, you would realise what the ONE story is behind the 3 stories really tells. =)

well, i went to the wedding. and that is my first time attending as a 'relative' to a wedding. I went to my aunt's house early in the morning (around 8..and i couldn't stop yawning in the car) for preparations. My couz(who is the groom) went to pick up the bride around nine and brought her into the house (the bride is so WOW!!!!!!!!!!) around 11. At night, my role is to let the guests sign in the guest book until my sis got tired and let me do her work- welcoming the guests and guiding them to their seats. =P

I would be going back to KL for CNY on 22 to 29 jan. =p.. CANT WAIT FOR IT!!!

Will you ever notice me...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008
1:01 AM

yes..i'm telling everyone around me that i have 4 dogs and 4 geese. haha.. i have no idea why.. mybe because i'm happy that my home is more crowded.. anyway, the two newest ones are two puppies taken from lih named as DA PUI which means fat (yes it is fat) and favored by my fat sister, and another is a one month old, cute and skinny: it looked so small that we've decided to name it as DIDI which means small brother. yes he would be the youngst one in the family at the moment..

Sats is coming this Saturday and i am not doing well.. I studied 6 hours a day and it still seems that i'm not getting anywhere. My english is so sucky that i always got half of the sections wrong.. which shows my improvements in maths so good that i feel like kissing the one who invented it. I feel more discouraged and australia seems like a paradise. but i'm sure i wuld go to singapore. my parents do play a major part in that path but i know that i do wanna go there as well. I know its 'THE PATH" for me..

wish me luck guyz....

PS i hate my keyboard

Will you ever notice me...

Friday, November 14, 2008
7:33 PM

My sisters are coming back from Kl in 3 three days. YAY!

I have been experiencing life as an only daughter in the house for the last 7 days and 3 more to come. and you know what, i have it.Life is as boring as history classes. Its an extension of history classes. I didnt talk and beginning t feel moodier. Its like closing myself out from the world. I am not someone who gos parties a lot yet i'm not someone who shut herself in a room as well(except when revising for exams) whenever i watched tv its like wasting electric cos no one watched it with me. And i don't even feel like cooking lunch cos no one to cook with me. So in the end i ended up with watching animes in crunchyroll and youtube. tats the best part i guess.. i can not catch vampire knight guilty and start watching powerpuff girls Z. However, with no one round i find it hard to download songs cos i would be the only one listening to it.There's no sisters around to start..."OH I WANT THAT SONG!!! BLUETOOTH! =)" and i couldn't chat with them until 11pm. Watching late night movies alone would be ore depressing. Even watching the dramas alone is self-pitying. But i shouldn't feel this way , right?c cos my next 6 years would be living alone overseas. Well, i'm sure that if i died and go on to my next life, i wont wish for being the only child of the family. Life wud be less merrier.

Will you ever notice me...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
8:49 PM

You know what, I thought that driving would be easy but it turns out not as easy as i've expected. I never feel so dumb before. But i wouldn't give up of course, think off all the benefits i would get if i gt my driving license. It's hard and i do feel like giving it up, but if really do give up, i'm SURE tat i would regret wish me luck guys...

watching powerpuff girls z..choon ling intro it to me..hahahahaha.. stupidly nice..

oh yea, i finished my A LEVELS!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!

Will you ever notice me...